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Touch Detective 2 1/2

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Touch Detective 2 1/2

Bonus Episode

After completing the first episode, you’ll unlock a bonus episode. Rather than solving one central case, you’re free to explore the different locations in the game solving one of 30 side quests.

Funghi: The Interviews

An exclusive feature made for the iPhone and Android version provides an exclusive episode once appropriate app-purchases are made.


When Mackenzie touches the statue inside the shark jaws and says ‘I’m going to get bitten if I lie…’ this a reference to the movie Roman Holiday and the Mouth of Truth. The Mouth of Truth is a famous statue in venice that is said to bite off the hand of someone who puts their hand inside it and tells a lie.

Spoiler! In the UFO trophy room there are trophy heads of an Alien and a Predator, the famous aliens from their respective movies.

The Tough Guy club recounts tales of unbelievable hardship, much like the Monty Python ‘Four Yorkshiremen’ sketch.

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